A Revolutionary Approach to Self-Funded Health Plans

Gather both historical and real-time data.

Raise employee engagement.

Increase employee wellness.

Reduce health care costs. Repeat.

Greenspire Health offers a revolutionary approach to self-funded health plans.

Your Employees Will Be Healthier

And So Will Your Bottom Line

Employees who take an active role in maintaining their health are more cheerful, productive, loyal and cost-efficient for your self-funded health plan. Using our innovative Communications Hub, we collect extensive health data from your employees and compare it against a proprietary mix of 64 different factors. We then use mobile technology to keep employees inspired to reduce risks and increase wellness.

Here Are Some of the Benefits You Can Expect:

11.5% Decrease in Health Care Costs

Decrease in Health

Care Costs

20% improved health outcomes

Improved Health

Outcomes (First Year)

22% decrease in employee absenteeism

Decrease in


30% recruitment and retention savings

Recruitment &

Retention Savings

10% decrease in health care spending

Decrease in Employee Spend (First Year)

Here is an illustrative example of specific cost savings based on the experience of the Greenspire Health Network.

Learn how we can help you raise employee engagement and lower your health care costs. Contact us for a preliminary analysis!

Our Difference

Reducing Health Care

Cost Through Employee Engagement

Greenspire Health was created with one mission in mind: to help improve health outcomes of your employees and reduce transactions. Keeping employees energized and invested in maintaining their health lowers company health care spending while raising morale and job satisfaction. Unlike Greenspire Health, most health insurers, brokers, health systems and product-based companies can only provide marginal savings for you because their business models are based on increasing transactions (claims, costs, treatments and units sold).

“Greater employee engagement in your health care program can save you money.   Patients with higher activation levels have 21% lower health care costs than patients with the lowest activation levels.”

Source: Judith Hubbard, et. al. Health Affairs 2013

Reduce health care costs through employee engagement
Help employees become healthier

Healthy Employees Are Good Business

By helping your employees become healthier, Greenspire Health can do the following for your company:

  • Help you better manage risk
  • Reduce costs
  • Create a more energized workforce
  • Raise productivity
  • Increase job satisfaction 

Everything Is Connected: The Communications Hub

Our Communications Hub brings employees and their health information together. Details are collected from clinical data, claims, service providers, wearable sensors (used as part of an employee wellness program), remote biometric monitoring and social media posts. The data is analyzed against 64 different factors to find potential areas of savings.

Greenspire Health's communication hub brings employees and their health information together.

It’s also used to help motivate employees to stay healthy – whether it’s communicating personal progress through digital devices, alerting at-risk employees of potential problems by providing tailored digital education content or providing up-to-date cost comparisons for health care purchasing decisions. The Communications Hub even takes away the stress of scheduling appointments for your employees by providing a concierge team to provide referrals, set up appointments and send out appointment reminders.

A Network of Third-Party Providers

with First-Class Results

We only work with the best. Greenspire Health has assembled a network of 29 top specialty providers with proven track records of getting results. All are independent, experienced collaborators that have worked with national-level clients. Depending upon your organization’s needs, we’ll select from them a tailor-made team of core partners including analytics, cost, outcomes and workforce engagement.

Greenspire Health has a network of 29 top specialty providers with proven track records of getting results.

Learn how we can help you raise employee engagement and lower your health care costs. Contact us for a preliminary analysis!

The Greenspire Process

Greenspire Health will hold a listening session with management to understand your company's needs.

Listening Session

Our first step is to hear what you have to say. Our team sits down with members of your management team to gather information about your company, discuss your needs and agree upon the metrics that are required to evaluate them.

Greenspire Health will analyze company and employee data to provide potential health care savings.

Data Collection 

& Analysis

Our comprehensive approach will review your health plan and worker’s compensation claims as well as your workforce engagement. We’ll analyze the data and provide you with key findings and potential savings.

Greenspire Health can develop a custom health care program for your employees.

Program Development

Using over 64 different factors, we develop a custom plan based on our data collection and analysis. Typical plans include encouraging lifestyle behavior changes among the highest risk employees, establishing employee wellness programs and utilizing technology to keep employees motivated about maintaining their health.

Greenspire Health can help improve health outcomes of your employees and reduce transactions.

Program Execution

Management is briefed, the plan is put into place and ongoing communication with the employees begins. 

Learn how we can help you raise employee engagement and lower your health care costs. Contact us for a preliminary analysis!

About Greenspire Health

Greenspire Health is named after the legendary Greenspire Linden tree, known for its ability to flourish and provide shade in difficult and diverse environments. Our physician-led team of experts strives to do the same thing for companies and employees looking to protect themselves from costly health issues and rising costs.


President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rahman is an accomplished physician and leader known for his effective strategic thinking and solution building. He has served as Board Chair & CEO of Western Ohio Healthcare Corporation, a managed care organization acquired by United Healthcare. He has also served as Chief Medical Officer and SVP of Operations for several health systems, as well as an expert in health care quality and safety, physician leadership development and business strategy consulting for Fortune 500 companies, new product companies and the nation’s largest health systems.


Chief Operating Officer

Jack Bebiak is an experienced health system executive, strategist and leadership advisor with demonstrated accomplishments in strategic business development and results execution. He has held leadership positions with large for-profit health care companies as well as health systems and academic medical centers. He’s known as a change agent, having served in CEO and health system operations, strategic planning, leadership culture-performance, mergers and acquisitions and collaboration management roles. He has also co-founded four national healthcare companies.

Chief Communication & Information Officer

With 27 years of experience as a primary care physician, Alan Snell’s information technology interests and leadership led him to serve as a trustee for several health systems. He previously served as Chief Medical Informatics Officer within Trinity Health and Ascension Health. He also founded one of the nation’s first Health Information Exchanges, which led to his appointment to a range of community, professional and state organizations. He is an expert in new technologies and was the creator of the “Intelligent Medical Home” at national HIMSS. He serves as a faculty member for the Physician Leadership Academy.

Senior Vice President, Health System and Physician Services

After more than 20 years as a hospital CEO, Scott Graybill created a successful national consulting practice for community and regional hospitals. His expertise is in community and physician collaboration management, financial management, operations improvement and continuum of care integration. Mr. Graybill is a national speaker and serves as a resource to universities, the American Hospital Association, the National Rural Health Association and state and national associations.

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Tom Hirschauer has led national marketing and advertising firms for over 28 years. He has put his talents in strategic development, sales and marketing, creativity, go-to-market readiness and consumer profitability to work in a variety of industries. He has also served as a strategic advisor and board member for several for-profits and non-profits within the health care industry.

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  3. Employer’s annual per-person contribution and employee annual contributions to the company health plan (past three years)

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